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Fabulous Fun for Everyone (Ages 6-106)


Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors will ALL enjoy the Vertical Vortex Toy!


According to the National Institute On Aging diet and physical activity have many benefits in the war against Alzheimer and arthritis. Exercise and other types of physical activity have many benefits. Studies show that they are good for our hearts, waistlines, and ability to carry out everyday activities. It’s important to keep your mind, muscles and reflexes as active as possible What we do know is that a healthy lifestyle—one that includes a healthy diet, physical activity, appropriate weight, and no smoking—can maintain and improve overall health and well-being.

If used properly, the Vertical Vortex, can be an easy and fun way for arthritis patients to obtain all the benefits that a Range-of-Motion Exercise has to offer. Exercise is no fun when it’s perceived as work but when exercise is fun they’ll look forward to it, day after day!


  • Vertical Vortex Toy

    Vertical Vortex Toy


    Fantastic fun for Ages 6 to 106! Fabulous fun for Raves and Parties of all ages Get Your V V On! With the incredible Vertical Vortex Toy - Use alone or with others! Goe… $19.95 Select Options